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It’s been a while since I posted some of these, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about editing pictures.

11mm f3.5 1/125 ISO160

105mm f4.5 1/500 ISO640

A lot of people think that a good camera takes good photographs, but even the best cameras and lenses need a little helping hand to produce the images that photographers publish.

10mm f22 13.0sec ISO100

All of my editing is done using Adobe’s Lightroom, every now and again I use a little Photoshop. Lightroom helps me to develop the images into what I see and how I want the subject to be portrayed as opposed to what the camera “sees”.

105mm f4.5 1/800 ISO500

22mm f4.5 1/40 ISO1000

Editing also helps a lot when developing a style. It’s really important you find your own style as a photographer to help distinguish your work from others. I’m still developing but I can see that my preference is to photograph nature with a shallow depth of field, saturated in colour.

85mm f2.2 1/500 ISO100

22mm f4.5 1/20 ISO400

180mm f4.5 1/1000 ISO640

You don’t need to know everything about Lightroom or Photoshop to be able to edit images, it’s just a series of sliders and you can play with colours, highlights & shadows, filters, pre-sets and effects until you are happy with what you’ve created. It takes minutes to learn but a years to master. But be careful, it's addictive and you can loose whole days editing. Some images hardly get touched maybe 2 minutes worth of work but others can be hours!!

85mm f2.5 1/640 ISO800

85mm f2.5 1/2000 ISO800​

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